Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i am backkkkkk

hi..... i know i am late...wat to do??? basically am a lazy fellow.lazy reader also..if u give me a comics of 10 pages to me i ll complete it with 10 days! see how fast i am..i read kalai's comment just now. I cried in happiness. atlest one reader want me back!!!! i want to share so many 'matters' with u.so ill try to write blog continuosely... wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................................

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I am very sad. You know why? Because I don't have any single girl reader for my blog!(I think so.Because I don't get any response from them!). The main motive of my blog is entertain all kind of genders. Especially girls! Without girls I can't write(hey boys don't get irritated. this sentence is for attract girls!). So if you are a girl reader please post your valuable comment(even it is in bad words!). GIRL READERS......PLEASE WAKE UP.....READ THIS CASANOVA'S BLOG AND SPREAD IT TO OTHERS!!!

my new book!

Hey guys one good news my new book released yesterday! Name of the book is 'MUKKANNIL MEY KANAVU'. This book contains three of my short novels. Two of them are thrillers and one is based on the violent mind set of a lover. You can get it from 'kavitha publications'. Please read my book. Because world psychological research center proved that reading my books will help you to achieve peace of mind. So don't miss it! (how is my marketing technique?!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday I saw the film '3 IDIOTS'. It's good and worth watching for the people who did not read the book 'FIVE POINT SOMETHING' by Chethan Bagath. The book is more hilarious than the movie. Chethan's book criticizing IIT college bravely. If u read that book you can find out how beautifully he narrate the story. But this film is lack of both criticizm and narration. It is only a humour film which have 10 percentage emotion and 90 percentage commercial masala!. But interval block and climax reminds us that this film is from the same director who gave us 'MUNNABHAI MBBS'! Raj kumar Hirani did his level best in characterisation. Ranchu's character and that 'virus' professor characters are examples. Anyway it is interesting. If you have money Watch this film in sathyam theatre. Otherwise download it and watch! Anyway watch it bayya... ALL IS WELL! (WARNING: movie downloading is illegal)

PS: Do you want to know who is the fourth idiot is?

No doubt... its me dude....! This is just a thumb size movie review from a view of an idiot..!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


For me smoking is a difficult task. My every single experience with cigaratte ended in a heavy cough which resembles the barking of a dog. Once one of my friend who got doctorate and gold medal in smoking tried to teach me the technique of smoking. He tried his level best. But I failed miserably. He shouted at me " what is your fucking problem?". I said " Bro... I can't feel the taste of nicotine...". He told me in a funny voice " Better you eat the cigaratte! you can feel the taste of Nicotine...!"
Guys... this is my new year resolution. I am going to smoke without cough. I want to be a chain smoker. My dear senior smokers...Please bless me!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


She :- " Hey Praja..... may I ask you one question?"

Praja :- " Sure honey...ask any thing...I will try to answer..."

She :- " ok...here is one GK question...which is the sexiest subject in the world?"

Praja :- "ummmm....it's a tough question for me..."

She :- " Think dear...I hope you have brain!"

Praja :- "ummmm... Is it sexology?"

She :- " No... and the answer is MATHS!"

praja :- " what! How can you say that maths is the sexiest subject?!"

She :- "Because maths contains Alge'BRA'!"

Praja :- " Great! you are brilliant! you know one thing...I am the sexiest person in
the world..."

She :- " HOW?!"

praja :- " Because I am always in li'BRA'ry!"

She :- " FUCK YOU!"

Praja :- " WHEN DEAR?!"

Monday, December 28, 2009


One of my girl friend asked me "which is your favorite principle?"
I told her my all time favorite principle which is universal " Virginity is not a dignity. It is just a lack of opportunity!".
She smiled and asked me "Are you a virgin?!"
This time I don't want to be a fool.I already have an experience with this!
So I gently replied " No honey! I am vodafone!"
Her voice slapped me with anger " Asshole...! You missed your opportunity now!"