Thursday, December 31, 2009


For me smoking is a difficult task. My every single experience with cigaratte ended in a heavy cough which resembles the barking of a dog. Once one of my friend who got doctorate and gold medal in smoking tried to teach me the technique of smoking. He tried his level best. But I failed miserably. He shouted at me " what is your fucking problem?". I said " Bro... I can't feel the taste of nicotine...". He told me in a funny voice " Better you eat the cigaratte! you can feel the taste of Nicotine...!"
Guys... this is my new year resolution. I am going to smoke without cough. I want to be a chain smoker. My dear senior smokers...Please bless me!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


She :- " Hey Praja..... may I ask you one question?"

Praja :- " Sure honey...ask any thing...I will try to answer..."

She :- " is one GK question...which is the sexiest subject in the world?"

Praja :- "'s a tough question for me..."

She :- " Think dear...I hope you have brain!"

Praja :- "ummmm... Is it sexology?"

She :- " No... and the answer is MATHS!"

praja :- " what! How can you say that maths is the sexiest subject?!"

She :- "Because maths contains Alge'BRA'!"

Praja :- " Great! you are brilliant! you know one thing...I am the sexiest person in
the world..."

She :- " HOW?!"

praja :- " Because I am always in li'BRA'ry!"

She :- " FUCK YOU!"

Praja :- " WHEN DEAR?!"

Monday, December 28, 2009


One of my girl friend asked me "which is your favorite principle?"
I told her my all time favorite principle which is universal " Virginity is not a dignity. It is just a lack of opportunity!".
She smiled and asked me "Are you a virgin?!"
This time I don't want to be a fool.I already have an experience with this!
So I gently replied " No honey! I am vodafone!"
Her voice slapped me with anger " Asshole...! You missed your opportunity now!"



If a girl slaps you,how will you react?
Here are some tips. You can use this according to the situation.

1. Ask her angrily " HOW CAN YOU TOUCH MY FACE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION BITCH??" (use this method if the girl who slap you is not good looking!)


3. Add some romance in your voice "YOUR HAND IS AS SOFT AS BUTTER...SLAP ME AGAIN!" (This method will cause injuries.So perform it with first aid!)



Use this methods according to the circumstance. Inform me the after effect. LET THE ANGEL SLAP YOU!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


What is the definition of love?

Love is a rain of poem between two hearts.

Love is a music of life which will last forever.

Love is nothing but a feeling which will make you disappear in the land of thoughts.

Love is a rythm of life.

Love is the god of small things. Devil of big things!

All these definitions became useless in front of my friend's definition for love.

One fine morning I asked him " What is your definition for love?"
He replied " My definition for love is simple man. It is poetic..."
I can't wait. So I asked him again " What is it dude? tell me quickly..."
He smiled like a yogi(not Ameer's yogi) and told me his precious definition ",hear my great definition for love 'Lalitha, Omana, Vimala and Esther'!"

ummm....In this point of view he beat Shakesphere... right?

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Moondram palin mugam(face of the third gender) is the first novel written by a trans gender in tamil. Priya babu, trans gender who wrote this book born in Srilanka,he came to India in 1974 because of the India-Srilanka treaty.During 1998 he undertook an operation and became a female.Then (s)he worked in many social service organizations in Chennai and Mumbai. She played a big role in the case of vote rights for trans genders in 2004. Then she worked as first trans gender journalist in the news paper 'YOUTH INDIA'. Her previous book 'Aravanikal- oru samooka varaiviyal' will give us many informations about the transgender soceity and it's problem.
Priya babu's book 'moondram palin mugam' tell us the story of a trans gender named 'RAMESH'. The story revolves around the life of Ramesh and shows how society treat him badly. At last her mother Parvathy understand his problems with the help of a social worker kanmani and give him the permission for operation to become female. After the operation Ramesh left his home because of the protest of his father and brother. After he become trans gender Ramesh changed his name as 'BARATHY', the revolutionary poet who gave his voice for the freedom of femininity. This novel is worth reading and show us how our society insults transgenders and make them to beg for their routine life. This novel leaves a question in our heart 'WHEN WILL OUR SOCIETY IS GOING TO UNDERSTAND THE FACE OF THE THIRD GENDER?'

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Every month have a history for their names. Here is our 12 months and how they got their names...

The names of the months in English come from latin words.

January(januarius) - This month was dedicated to janus,the Roman god of doors. Janus had two faces,one looking back at the old year and the other looking forward to the new year.

February(Februarius)- Februa was the Roman purification festival,which took place at this time of year.

March(Martius)- From 'Mars',the Roman god of war.

April(Aprilis)- From 'aperire', Latin for open,because plants begin to open during this month.

May(Maius)- probably comes from 'Maia',the Roman goddess of growth and increase.

June(Junius)- either from a Roman family name junius,which means young,or perhaps after the goddess juno.

July(julius)- after Julius caeser. This month was named in caeser's honour by Mark Antony in 44 BC. Previously this month was called Quintilis from the word quintus,five,as it was the fifth month in the Roman calender.

August(Augustus)-Named in 8 BC in honour of Emperor Augustus.

September- from 'septem',seven,because it was the seventh month in the Roman Calender.

October- from 'octo' which means eight(as in octopus,which has eight legs), the eighth month in the Roman calender.

November- from 'novem' which means nine, the ninth month in the Roman calender.

December- from 'decem' which means ten,the tenth month in the Roman calender.


Yesterday I have read an interview of Marlon Brando,which contains a shocking information about Charles Chaplin. Here am giving you the points that given by Brando about Chaplin in that interview.

'REPORTER:"Tell me your experience with chaplin in the film 'A countess from Honk kong(1967)?"

MARLON BRANDO:"He used me like a doll from a doll play! He invited me to London for narrating the screenplay. When he started to read the story, I started to sleep because of my tiring travel. Some times we need a good sleep right...?! Anyway I am a wrong cast for the film. Chaplin is a sadist! He tortured his son many times in front of me!"

REPORTER: "How can you tell that Chaplin is a sadist?"

MARLON BRANDO:" He is the man who is always insulting himself. He is always in a state of confusion. Chaplin's son Sidney did a small part in that film. One day he showed his hands to me. His fingers are injured. He told me that Chaplin beat him well!" '

This interview shocked me. I can't believe that Chaplin is a sadist. Can you...?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Once me and my friend is in SPENCER PLAZA where you can see jeans beauties and low hip angels.Spencer plaza will affect both of your purse and sense if you don't take care of them. My friend is a spencer addict. He wont buy anything in spencer. He just want to enjoy the tight T-shirts with wordings like 'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!' and foriegn beauties who will wear thin clothes which will help you to see the color of her inner wear( I becoming a porno writer?!). Suddenly my friend pinch me on thighs. It gives me a terrible pain. I asked him angrily " Why did you pinch me asshole?" His words comes out with a fragrance " Bro...see that angel..!". Yes.... she is an angel. You can see the words 'HORN PLEASE!!!' on the backside of her white jeans. My friend's mouth opened like a cave. He asked me with a giggle " Why these girls are always hot??". I simply replied "It is mainly because you are a boy!!!"

This is just A joke....!

Here is one of my favorite Adults only joke (read it if you are an adult. I hope I am
an Adult. That's why am posting it!)

God asked to man " Son... Is there any problem with my creations?"
Men replied " Yes... a problem with the girls....."
God asked " What is it?"
Men replied " The entertainment area is very close to the drainage area!"
God shocked.

Hey don't take it seriously. This is just A joke!

Scorese quotes.....!

MARTIN all time favorite director. He is the guy who gave us the legendary films like 'TAXI DRIVER','THE GANGS OF NEW YORK' and critically acclaimed and oscar winner 'DEPARTED'. He is the only director who showed the courage to make khasantsakhi's most controversial book 'The last temptation of the christ' in to film. Now every scorsese fans are eagerly waiting for his next di-caprio pick 'SHUTTER ISLAND'. Here are some of my favorite scorsese quotes...

" I always say that I 've been in a bad mood for may be 35 years now. I try to lighten it up, but that's what comes out when you get me in camera."

" I do know that some Budhists are able to attain peace of mind."

" I love studying ancient history and seeing how empires rise and fall sowing the seeds of their own destruction!"

" There is no such thing as simple. Simple is hard."

" It seems to me that any sensible person must see that violence does not change the world and if it does,then only temprorily.'"

" Now more than ever we need to talk to each other ,to listen to each other and how we see the world and cinema is the best medium for doing this!"

" I certainly wasn't able to get in when I was a kid growing up on the lower east side;it was very hard at that time for me to balance that what I really believed was the right way to live with the violence. I saw all around me. I saw too much of it among the people I knew..."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


One fine morning am walking in race course,heaven for the jobless persons like me. Am in a job of forwarding public service messages to my worthy friends. For example 'I trust on cigarette more than a girl b'coz I damage my lungs not my heart! gud day!'. Suddenly a gorgeous angel with a blue jeans passed me.I became froze b'coz of her stunning beauty. Suddenly she stopped and turned to me. I am in a state of confusion that she is really watching me or the beautiful tree behind me.Now she started to walk towards me.My heart slipped it's beat.Am trying to concentrate my cell phone. But it is impossible.Now she is standing in front of me. I can read her T-shirt quote without confusion 'THESE BALLS ARE NOT FOR SALE!'. I don't like to buy the balls. I just want to play with them. Hey don't get shocked,am talking about rubber balls not the balls meant in her T-shirt. I don't want to play with other's private properties! Now she came close to me. I can't believe it. Is it dream or something? Now she asked me in a soft voice? "Are you virgin?" I can't believe it. A cute girl is asking am I a virgin! I cleared my throat and asked her in a james bond voice "Yes I am a virgin. What about you honey?" She simply replied " surely not! I am vodafone!". A WHAT...? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??!. Now she asked in a soft voice again. " Could you please explain the prepaid plan of virgin?"...... Now I can understand the meaning of the caption 'Wherever you go,our network follows'

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yes... I do believe in GOD.
But my GOD is not yours.
I don't like to visit temple or church.
I don't like to pray. Even I don't believe in idol worship.
But I do believe in GOD.
My GOD is more powerful than you.

The matter is simple. Your GOD is Generator, Originator and Destroyer.
But my GOD is Girl On Demand.....!


After a long time I had read a an amazing malayalam novel named 'DILDO',written by Devadas v.m. 'DILDO'is the story of six deaths. Five of them are murder and one is a sucide. This book is written in the form of a text book which have exercises in the end of every chapter. The plot and the narration is done by an extraordinary way which we never heard before. I am not going to explain the entire story to you. Because it will break the suspense. If you are a malayali, go and buy this book quickly. When I met devadas he told me that now he is writing his next book which is named as 'PANNI VETTA' which means pig hunt in malayalam. he explained me the plot. Its a gangster story. Now am eagerly awaiting for this one. No doubt it will be a big hit just like 'DILDO'. Precisely, this 'DILDO' is not meant for physical pleasure. It is for mental pleasure!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here is one important information from the book 'SEDUCTION' by caroline cox- 'Pink was the key shade of the decade,used to color fashion,interiors,cars,refrigerators,and the fantasy 1950's boudoir,which was all leopard-skin throws and powder puff pink-a place to drink champagne from a stiletto heel wearing a Baby Doll nightie with matching puff panties, as popularized by Carol Baker in the 1956 film 'Baby Doll'. Pink was the color of seduction,a color associated with femininity since the beginning of the twentieth century,when it became the norm to dress baby boys in blue and girls in pink. By the 1950's, the gendering of the colour was complete, with a variety of shades available such as fuchsia, shocking, rose,and salmon. Pink was also the colour of sensuality,evoking naked flesh,and had been since the eighteenth century. By using pink in the 1950s for their interiors,fashion,and lingerie,women were making an important link with the high femininity of the past,evoking the boudiors of the great French mistresses,in particular Madame de Pompadour and the court of versailles. Rococco motifs crept into the 1950s bedroom ,with the use of white and gilt on dressing tables and boudoir chairs,and the revival of the chandelier as a leitmotif of Hollywood glamour, as Sparke reflects: "Re-emerging in the 1950s interior on the surfaces of radios and refrigerators,these evocative colours recalled the feminine taste,craftsmanship and luxury that were part of that historical moment,reconforming in the process the essential femininity of the domestic sphere.'

So pink is the colour of sexuality in 1950s. See colours have its own importance in history!

The Dreamers

My dreams are always romantic just like me! Yesterday am with Salma Hyke...we are in a boat. We are facing the full moon with the heart full of love. Salma kissed me on cheek and told me that " Honey you are so hot!". I kissed her too. But i wont tell you where i had kissed!!! when i explained this sweet dream to my friend he told me that " Dude... don't belive Salma... she is a bitch! ". I told him that " Don't call Salma like that...I'll kick your ass!" He smiled and said " Not mine dude...kick Salma's ass!" I asked him "why?" He replied that " Yesterday she is in my dream too! We are in a beach. When I Kissed her in lips she told me that 'Honey your are very much hotter than your fucking friend' So don't belive her bro...!"


Yesterday i read a book and felt very bad. Name of the book is 'Cirque Du Freak - Tunnels of Blood' written by Darren Shan.It is the brilliant copy of Harry Potter. We all know Harry potter is based on magic.This book is based on vampires. Eventhough it resembles Harrry Potter every page. Harry potter have a ministry of magic whereas this one have a ministry of vampires. The narration style is also same compared with Harry potter. You can find the similarity in dialogue parts and characterisation. First chapter starts like this ' My name is DARREN SHAN. I am a half vampire. I used to be human,until I stole a vampire's spider.After that, my life changed forever. Mr.Crepsley-the vampire-forced me to become his assistant,and I joined a circus full of wiered performers called the Cirque Du Freak '. This book tells you the story of a boy called Darren Shan, whose aim is to become a full vampire. While reading this boring book I felt that I become a vampire! I checked my tooth after reading it. It remained as same, there is no big ones. God helped me! The thing which shocked me that the review which i found on the first page of the book. Here it is, "Fast-paced and compelling, full of satisfying macabre touches-Cirque Du Freak explores the powerful fascination of the dangerous and unnatural and also, movingly,the obligations of friendship". You know who wrote this review???? Author of Harry Potter j.k.Rowling!!! Oh...god.... What the hell is going on???


Q: What is a phobia...?
Ans: A phobia(from greek word fear) is an abnormal,persistent fear of situations,objects,activities of persons. The symptom of this disorder is the excessive,unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject.

yes...i have a different phobia. My friends know what it is... my girl friend know what it is..... I want to overcome this fucking phobia. But it is very tough. For me there is no removal therapy for this one. Can you guess what phobia i have...? ok... i will tell you the damn think. I have Ablutophobia....!

Q: What is Ablutophobia?
Ans: Fear of bathing...!

Friday, December 18, 2009


  1. There should be a hero introduction song.
  2. If there is no hero introduction song,there should be a heroine introduction song.
  3. Heroine's body parts should be visible.
  4. Heroine should wear sexy costume eventhough she is in her home.
  5. There should be atleast one punch dialogue for hero per scene.
  6. Heroine should cry in climax.
  7. Hero's mother,father or friend should die for him.
  8. Hero should fly in fight sequences eventhough he don't have wings.
  9. If hero's age is 50, heroine's age should be 16 or 18.
  10. There should not be any logic in the story.


I told you man, i don't like commercial cinemas. But accidently i went to vijay's 'VETTAIKKARAN' and got a heavy headache. Some persons can't change their taste forever.I think vijay is that kind of person. Eventhough he suffered a lot in his previous flops 'AZHAGIYA TAMIL MAGAN' and 'VILLU' he didn't change his way of Film selection.Again he selected a fucking story and presented an awful performance. I thing he is still in the hangover of 'GILLI'. He can surely change, if he wants. Otherwise audience will change and avoid him forever! Once am a vijay fan. I sticked his posters in my room and worshipped him as god. But his film 'PUTHIYA GEETHAI' changed my mind forever. Now am not the fan of anybody. I will surely enjoy good movie if it don't have any big stars. You can take the example of 'KATHAL' . There is no big stars in that film. But yet it is memorable. We can't remember the films like 'VETTAIKKARAN'. Because we are not shit eaters! May god help vijay in his next film and give him some sense.


My dear quantin tarantino,
am your fucking fan! I like all of your are the only reason for the spread of post modern cinema in know one think tarantino....nowadays am liberally using the word 'FUCK' somany times because of you! Your dialogues made a big impact on me.It is very hard to hear a single dialogue without 'fuck' in your movies.I like your style man....It is fucking beautiful! How can i forget your 'PULP FICTION'.There is no other movies which have the narration style of 'pulp fiction' before.You have created a non linear style of narration which is very impressive and interesting.Congratulations for the present success of your fuckin' fantastic film 'INGLORIOUSE BASTERDS'...! That movie is amazing man.i like the style of brad pitt and the guy who acted as jew hunter.Sorry tarantino i forget that guy's name,but am going to check in IMDB soon.I don't know why am forgetting the names of somany actors.but I have a great memory for the names of heroines,especially i can't forget the chicks like Jennifer lopez and Catherine-zeta-jones.It is fuckin' funny i really loved your 'DEATH PROOF'.Kurt russel is fantastic in the role of Stunt man mike and the violent scenes,especially that accident sequal is mindblowing! How is your friend Robert Rodrigues man? is he fine? how is his sin city2 is going? know one thing,in our taml industry there are somany directors who copied your style in a boring way.There is a film called 'NEPALI' in tamil.the director of that film copied your making style of sin city and death proof.It is very boring actually.if you have time watch 'NEPALI' and understand that how we copied you in a fucking way.There is a director called sanjay guptha in hindi.His only job is watch your films and copy it in hindi in a very bad manner.His movie 'KANTE' is the copy of your celebrated movie 'RESERVOIR DOGS'! Man am jelouse of you, you guys have originality.Eventhough we Idians have so many stories and myths our only duty is copying foreign films.I thing it spread as a national disease. Anyway all the best man.....................!


Stanley kubrick..........what a director! what a creater! Once director Ram,the director who created the critically acclaimed film 'katrathu thamizh' told me that "I understood the value of background music only by watching the movies of stanley kubrick...!" yes......his words are can take the example of kubrick's movie 'a clockwork orange'.this is a sadistic film.but is not shown in dark or horror contains beautiful visuals and mesmerising music.kubrick used beautiful music for show the ecstacy of sadistic mind.another example is 'Eyes wide shut'.for your infrmation this film contains hindusthani music and tamil lyrics as its background score! kubrick use that music and lyrics for the scene which display the different forms of 'kama suthra'.My friend avinash once told me that "whenever i heard the music of 'eyes wide shut' i felt a deep fear inside of me.kubrick is really great!" Yes.....his movies,especially his background scores are very psychological which can directly pass through your mind disturb you for some days.thats why our indian master mani rathnam collected the entire work of kubrick and displayed it in his office.i saw the photograph of his office in vikatan and noticed that he displayed the dvd 'stanely kubrick collection' in his rack.Here is some important movies of kubrick which you can't miss 'EYES WIDE SHUT', 'LOLITHA','A CLOCKWORK ORANGE', 'THE SHINING' 'BARRY LINDON'.Dont miss to watch 'SHINING' from this list.jack nicholson's finest performance ll capture your heart.Especially that camera work.....oh words to say....ITS AMAAAAZING!!! Yes where there is kubrick,there is a miracle....!


One of my girlfriend is an addict of pet animals.she ll always like to discuss the facts regarding animals.she love to walk with her cute dog named akshay(her previous lover's name).here i have one think to say, before marriage boys are the pet dogs of girls.he ll follow wherever she goes.just like the vodofone add.after marriage girls becomes dog! for them husbands are god,who have the power of creation and destruction.oh...i went far away from the matter which i want to discuss with day i went to her home and litrelly shocked by the board which is placed in front of her gate 'BDSM' ! I was shocked and go back to my home with a big shock.i know she is not the girl of that kind.then one day i called her and told her about my experiance with the board of her gate. she laughed soundly and told me that "Hey man you already knows that i have somany pet animals.BDSM means Beware of Dogs,Snacks and Monkies!" brilliant todays girls are...! what to do man every thing is FATE!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

sidney sheldon the great....!

when my friend krishna introduced me to sidney sheldon books,i felt that its a normal pulp fiction.but when i read him i understood that he is more than a pulp writer.Eventhough his works are simply regarded as thriller,there is a beautiful mixture of human element in it.his novel 'tell me your dreams' is the story of a girl who is affected by multiple personality disorder.this story is as same as shankar's anniyan! but am not saying that shankar copied the entire story,i think he just took the inspiration or it might be the idea of writer sujatha,the fasion designer of tamil literature.anyway the book is more than anniyan in its way of narration.My friend krishna is a biggest fan of sidney sheldon.he finished his entire boks in few weeks.when he told this to me,i exclaimed and asked that " did you read his entire work in few weeks...for me his one book took one month...!" krishna smiled and replied that "for me sidney sheldon is an addiction...if you read the first page of his novel,you can't put it down without finish it!".I cant forget a golden words from his book 'other side of me',"life is like a novel filled with dont know what's going to happen untill you turn the page!". krishna's words are true sidney sheldon is an addiction,which will last forever....!

why i hate commercial cinemas?

Nowadays watching commercial cinemas in theaters are like sitting in hell and killing myself.i dont know why i hate commercial main reason is i dont want to see an ordinary man became god with DTS effect in front of me.if you want to fly,there is no need of wings. you just became a commercial hero,then you can fly,float in the air for fifteen other words you will became god...! i can enjoy good commercial films.for example dev d,wake up sid,sikhander,metro,mozhi etc. i just want to see the films of human beings,not the fims of super naturals......!


Man....i got the original dvd of anurag kshyap's Dev d.i saw the film and it's making. its a fantastic experience.this modern devdas is very dark and very beautiful and not like previous mega serial of sanjay leela bansali! there is no more tears in this film.but its emotionally beautiful.anurag kashyap is our post modern master.his narrative style can be compared with tarantino.really not joking...just watch dev d, you ll understand...! and dont forget to get the original dvd of ll get the making of dev d with the original one.i heard that anurag's new film 'gulal' is also a blockbusterr.waiting for the original dvd...


I really enjoyed the book release of charu nivedhitha,the great post modern writer of tamil.the release function held at 12th december on south indian film chamber.his ten books were launched.they are arukil varathe,ozhunginmayin veriyattam,ketta varthai,athigaram amaithi suthanthiram,thantheyin siruthai,rendam aattam,naragathilirunthu oru kural,malavi endroru desam,kanavukalin mozhipeyarpalan.oh....god i forget the last book's can find it in CHARUONLINE.COM,the website of charu nivedhitha which across more than 5 lakh hits. During the event i met charu personally and felt that standing infront of the god of literature.his celebrated book 'zero degree'made a big impact on me.this book is the most famous post modern novel in should read his 'rasaleela' which have more than 500 pages.belive it or not i finished this book in two days because of its mesmerizing writing.One of his fan wrote that 'IF YOU READ CHARU,YOU WILL READ LIFE.' Those words are true.his books contains the black humour of life.he is the only true dark noir writer we have! his informative book 'cinema-alainthu thiripavanin azhagiyal' ll give you the knowledge of important directors and films in world cinema article about pasolini in this book is a treasure for all cinema lovers.So guys......READ CHARU,THE GOD OF TAMIL LITERATURE.......!!!!!!!!

when death failed.....

this week's 'anantha vikatan(23.12.09)'contains the short story of Thamira ,named as 'dhatshanin 26-vathu maranan'{dhakshan's 26th death}.its an intresting story and presented in a non linear way.This is the story of dhakshinamoorthy,the man who failed in his previous sucide attempts.He is sitting in a pizza corner and writing a sucide letter which have 26 pages and short poem about death.this story humourly tells us the previous sucide attempts of dhakshan and how he failed each time.he tried to die in 25 times and failed he is waiting for a berger and planned to mix the sayanide in it.the main reason for his decisionis he dont want to live,thats it.I think he had 'sucide syndrome'.but it is not described anywhere in the last death appear in front of dakshan in the form of a teenage boy and told him that he failed in front of dhakshan! Do you want to read the sucide poem of dhakshan? here it is................. 'Maranam miga azhaganathu. nan maranathai nesikkiren. neengal maranathai kelvi ketkatheergal .maranam ennai mounamakkum. neengal en meethu aalumai seluthuveergal .maranam ennai aravanaikkum .ungal kaigalil enakkethirana aayuthangal. maranathin kaikalil enakkana karunai. ungalaippol maranam ennai achuruthuvathillai. ennai santhegippathillai. ennai kanneer sintha vaipathillai .aagave,nan maranathai nesikkiren. maranathai thavira verethuvum ungalidamirunthu ennai kappatrathu. aagave,nan maranathai nesikkiren! '

s.ramakrishnan - a tamil genious

if u are a lover of tamil literature, then you should know who s.ramakrishnan is.... i was shocked when i read his novel 'yamam'. Because it is very tough to write such kind of stories in tamil literature. the story revolves around a ATHAR-means perfume.The name of the athar is 'yamam' which means 'night' in tamil.The first chapter tell us how a saint named AL AZAR MUSAFAR appearred in the dream of abdul kareem-the man who sells athar in AMEERSAHEEB PETTAI, a place in old madras and told him about the secret of night{yamam} which his generation guards continuosely.Then the story travells through the history of pepper and perfume business which invited the british in in India.A part of novel tell us how shajahan's daughter shahanara became the addicict of YAMAM.Then novel travells to the life of 'sadasivappandaram' the man who follows a dog for understand his destiny.Then it narrates the story of 'Badhragiri' who is in charge of calculate the map of India from chennai.This novel tell us the story of old madras which is known as 'madharappattanam' on that time and the political circumstance of old london with the interfierence of the perfume' YAMAM'.This perfume is as deep as the night and create different smellsTthats why it is called as 'YAMAM'.This novel is a beautiful mixture of the fantasy and histoy.This is a best seller in chennai book festival also.So pls dont miss this s.ramakrishnan classic,if u are tamil literature addict.