Thursday, December 17, 2009


I really enjoyed the book release of charu nivedhitha,the great post modern writer of tamil.the release function held at 12th december on south indian film chamber.his ten books were launched.they are arukil varathe,ozhunginmayin veriyattam,ketta varthai,athigaram amaithi suthanthiram,thantheyin siruthai,rendam aattam,naragathilirunthu oru kural,malavi endroru desam,kanavukalin mozhipeyarpalan.oh....god i forget the last book's can find it in CHARUONLINE.COM,the website of charu nivedhitha which across more than 5 lakh hits. During the event i met charu personally and felt that standing infront of the god of literature.his celebrated book 'zero degree'made a big impact on me.this book is the most famous post modern novel in should read his 'rasaleela' which have more than 500 pages.belive it or not i finished this book in two days because of its mesmerizing writing.One of his fan wrote that 'IF YOU READ CHARU,YOU WILL READ LIFE.' Those words are true.his books contains the black humour of life.he is the only true dark noir writer we have! his informative book 'cinema-alainthu thiripavanin azhagiyal' ll give you the knowledge of important directors and films in world cinema article about pasolini in this book is a treasure for all cinema lovers.So guys......READ CHARU,THE GOD OF TAMIL LITERATURE.......!!!!!!!!

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  1. Have u moved close with charu praja? if not try to do so.. u will surely enjoy him.. he doesnt seem to be in his 50's .. it looks as though he is a college going guy.. full of fun and laughter.. I love charu..