Tuesday, December 22, 2009


One fine morning am walking in race course,heaven for the jobless persons like me. Am in a job of forwarding public service messages to my worthy friends. For example 'I trust on cigarette more than a girl b'coz I damage my lungs not my heart! gud day!'. Suddenly a gorgeous angel with a blue jeans passed me.I became froze b'coz of her stunning beauty. Suddenly she stopped and turned to me. I am in a state of confusion that she is really watching me or the beautiful tree behind me.Now she started to walk towards me.My heart slipped it's beat.Am trying to concentrate my cell phone. But it is impossible.Now she is standing in front of me. I can read her T-shirt quote without confusion 'THESE BALLS ARE NOT FOR SALE!'. I don't like to buy the balls. I just want to play with them. Hey don't get shocked,am talking about rubber balls not the balls meant in her T-shirt. I don't want to play with other's private properties! Now she came close to me. I can't believe it. Is it dream or something? Now she asked me in a soft voice? "Are you virgin?" I can't believe it. A cute girl is asking am I a virgin! I cleared my throat and asked her in a james bond voice "Yes I am a virgin. What about you honey?" She simply replied " surely not! I am vodafone!". A WHAT...? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??!. Now she asked in a soft voice again. " Could you please explain the prepaid plan of virgin?"...... Now I can understand the meaning of the caption 'Wherever you go,our network follows'


  1. Which race course machan need to go there to flirt her and F..... with her ( F - Friend ) Evil minded F.... ( This stands for FUCK )

  2. hey hmmmmmmm i come on exceelent.
    i don't think girls will enjoy this.

  3. you like both srmakrishnan and chaaru in tamil. it is quiet natural for the bigining readers of tamil litrature. they are like balakumaran and sujathaa for biginars of 80's. jeyamokan also in this list. these three fellows are good with bigining ( for reading practice).. but tamil litrature have huge more..

    some extent, your write up is better then chaaru!

  4. I LIKE YOUR WRITING!!!!!!!......

  5. Don't listen to foolish words... Your writing style is nice; go in your own way...