Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yesterday i read a book and felt very bad. Name of the book is 'Cirque Du Freak - Tunnels of Blood' written by Darren Shan.It is the brilliant copy of Harry Potter. We all know Harry potter is based on magic.This book is based on vampires. Eventhough it resembles Harrry Potter every page. Harry potter have a ministry of magic whereas this one have a ministry of vampires. The narration style is also same compared with Harry potter. You can find the similarity in dialogue parts and characterisation. First chapter starts like this ' My name is DARREN SHAN. I am a half vampire. I used to be human,until I stole a vampire's spider.After that, my life changed forever. Mr.Crepsley-the vampire-forced me to become his assistant,and I joined a circus full of wiered performers called the Cirque Du Freak '. This book tells you the story of a boy called Darren Shan, whose aim is to become a full vampire. While reading this boring book I felt that I become a vampire! I checked my tooth after reading it. It remained as same, there is no big ones. God helped me! The thing which shocked me that the review which i found on the first page of the book. Here it is, "Fast-paced and compelling, full of satisfying macabre touches-Cirque Du Freak explores the powerful fascination of the dangerous and unnatural and also, movingly,the obligations of friendship". You know who wrote this review???? Author of Harry Potter j.k.Rowling!!! Oh...god.... What the hell is going on???

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