Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Dreamers

My dreams are always romantic just like me! Yesterday am with Salma Hyke...we are in a boat. We are facing the full moon with the heart full of love. Salma kissed me on cheek and told me that " Honey you are so hot!". I kissed her too. But i wont tell you where i had kissed!!! when i explained this sweet dream to my friend he told me that " Dude... don't belive Salma... she is a bitch! ". I told him that " Don't call Salma like that...I'll kick your ass!" He smiled and said " Not mine dude...kick Salma's ass!" I asked him "why?" He replied that " Yesterday she is in my dream too! We are in a beach. When I Kissed her in lips she told me that 'Honey your are very much hotter than your fucking friend' So don't belive her bro...!"

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