Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Once me and my friend is in SPENCER PLAZA where you can see jeans beauties and low hip angels.Spencer plaza will affect both of your purse and sense if you don't take care of them. My friend is a spencer addict. He wont buy anything in spencer. He just want to enjoy the tight T-shirts with wordings like 'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!' and foriegn beauties who will wear thin clothes which will help you to see the color of her inner wear( I becoming a porno writer?!). Suddenly my friend pinch me on thighs. It gives me a terrible pain. I asked him angrily " Why did you pinch me asshole?" His words comes out with a fragrance " Bro...see that angel..!". Yes.... she is an angel. You can see the words 'HORN PLEASE!!!' on the backside of her white jeans. My friend's mouth opened like a cave. He asked me with a giggle " Why these girls are always hot??". I simply replied "It is mainly because you are a boy!!!"

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  1. Ur writings are intersting man. gr8...

    No where "copyright" mention in your blog. so i copied tht "VIRGIN SECRET" to my blog...

    Sorry man...:)