Thursday, December 17, 2009


Man....i got the original dvd of anurag kshyap's Dev d.i saw the film and it's making. its a fantastic experience.this modern devdas is very dark and very beautiful and not like previous mega serial of sanjay leela bansali! there is no more tears in this film.but its emotionally beautiful.anurag kashyap is our post modern master.his narrative style can be compared with tarantino.really not joking...just watch dev d, you ll understand...! and dont forget to get the original dvd of ll get the making of dev d with the original one.i heard that anurag's new film 'gulal' is also a blockbusterr.waiting for the original dvd...

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  1. I bought a pirated one in Chennai on the release date and later felt sorry for the producer who made such a good movie. It has a good message - Girl will come, love will come, Girl will go, Don't cry , Don't drink like Devdas..get new foreign sexy problem her virginity as long as she is true to you in heart and bed.Very good use of colour and realistic songs.