Thursday, December 17, 2009

s.ramakrishnan - a tamil genious

if u are a lover of tamil literature, then you should know who s.ramakrishnan is.... i was shocked when i read his novel 'yamam'. Because it is very tough to write such kind of stories in tamil literature. the story revolves around a ATHAR-means perfume.The name of the athar is 'yamam' which means 'night' in tamil.The first chapter tell us how a saint named AL AZAR MUSAFAR appearred in the dream of abdul kareem-the man who sells athar in AMEERSAHEEB PETTAI, a place in old madras and told him about the secret of night{yamam} which his generation guards continuosely.Then the story travells through the history of pepper and perfume business which invited the british in in India.A part of novel tell us how shajahan's daughter shahanara became the addicict of YAMAM.Then novel travells to the life of 'sadasivappandaram' the man who follows a dog for understand his destiny.Then it narrates the story of 'Badhragiri' who is in charge of calculate the map of India from chennai.This novel tell us the story of old madras which is known as 'madharappattanam' on that time and the political circumstance of old london with the interfierence of the perfume' YAMAM'.This perfume is as deep as the night and create different smellsTthats why it is called as 'YAMAM'.This novel is a beautiful mixture of the fantasy and histoy.This is a best seller in chennai book festival also.So pls dont miss this s.ramakrishnan classic,if u are tamil literature addict.

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