Friday, December 18, 2009


Stanley kubrick..........what a director! what a creater! Once director Ram,the director who created the critically acclaimed film 'katrathu thamizh' told me that "I understood the value of background music only by watching the movies of stanley kubrick...!" yes......his words are can take the example of kubrick's movie 'a clockwork orange'.this is a sadistic film.but is not shown in dark or horror contains beautiful visuals and mesmerising music.kubrick used beautiful music for show the ecstacy of sadistic mind.another example is 'Eyes wide shut'.for your infrmation this film contains hindusthani music and tamil lyrics as its background score! kubrick use that music and lyrics for the scene which display the different forms of 'kama suthra'.My friend avinash once told me that "whenever i heard the music of 'eyes wide shut' i felt a deep fear inside of me.kubrick is really great!" Yes.....his movies,especially his background scores are very psychological which can directly pass through your mind disturb you for some days.thats why our indian master mani rathnam collected the entire work of kubrick and displayed it in his office.i saw the photograph of his office in vikatan and noticed that he displayed the dvd 'stanely kubrick collection' in his rack.Here is some important movies of kubrick which you can't miss 'EYES WIDE SHUT', 'LOLITHA','A CLOCKWORK ORANGE', 'THE SHINING' 'BARRY LINDON'.Dont miss to watch 'SHINING' from this list.jack nicholson's finest performance ll capture your heart.Especially that camera work.....oh words to say....ITS AMAAAAZING!!! Yes where there is kubrick,there is a miracle....!

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  1. thanks for your valuble information.But could you can something about Mr.Ram's "katrathu thamizh".Because i didn't find any worthful comments from our youngeters.Since it is mainly described that one youngster how get disturbance by our society.So your critisim is higly apprciated in that.Most of your articles shows that you are a bit of serious person in films &