Sunday, December 27, 2009


What is the definition of love?

Love is a rain of poem between two hearts.

Love is a music of life which will last forever.

Love is nothing but a feeling which will make you disappear in the land of thoughts.

Love is a rythm of life.

Love is the god of small things. Devil of big things!

All these definitions became useless in front of my friend's definition for love.

One fine morning I asked him " What is your definition for love?"
He replied " My definition for love is simple man. It is poetic..."
I can't wait. So I asked him again " What is it dude? tell me quickly..."
He smiled like a yogi(not Ameer's yogi) and told me his precious definition ",hear my great definition for love 'Lalitha, Omana, Vimala and Esther'!"

ummm....In this point of view he beat Shakesphere... right?


  1. Very simple and nice your language and your thoughts also... Keep it up man...