Saturday, December 26, 2009


Moondram palin mugam(face of the third gender) is the first novel written by a trans gender in tamil. Priya babu, trans gender who wrote this book born in Srilanka,he came to India in 1974 because of the India-Srilanka treaty.During 1998 he undertook an operation and became a female.Then (s)he worked in many social service organizations in Chennai and Mumbai. She played a big role in the case of vote rights for trans genders in 2004. Then she worked as first trans gender journalist in the news paper 'YOUTH INDIA'. Her previous book 'Aravanikal- oru samooka varaiviyal' will give us many informations about the transgender soceity and it's problem.
Priya babu's book 'moondram palin mugam' tell us the story of a trans gender named 'RAMESH'. The story revolves around the life of Ramesh and shows how society treat him badly. At last her mother Parvathy understand his problems with the help of a social worker kanmani and give him the permission for operation to become female. After the operation Ramesh left his home because of the protest of his father and brother. After he become trans gender Ramesh changed his name as 'BARATHY', the revolutionary poet who gave his voice for the freedom of femininity. This novel is worth reading and show us how our society insults transgenders and make them to beg for their routine life. This novel leaves a question in our heart 'WHEN WILL OUR SOCIETY IS GOING TO UNDERSTAND THE FACE OF THE THIRD GENDER?'

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