Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yesterday I have read an interview of Marlon Brando,which contains a shocking information about Charles Chaplin. Here am giving you the points that given by Brando about Chaplin in that interview.

'REPORTER:"Tell me your experience with chaplin in the film 'A countess from Honk kong(1967)?"

MARLON BRANDO:"He used me like a doll from a doll play! He invited me to London for narrating the screenplay. When he started to read the story, I started to sleep because of my tiring travel. Some times we need a good sleep right...?! Anyway I am a wrong cast for the film. Chaplin is a sadist! He tortured his son many times in front of me!"

REPORTER: "How can you tell that Chaplin is a sadist?"

MARLON BRANDO:" He is the man who is always insulting himself. He is always in a state of confusion. Chaplin's son Sidney did a small part in that film. One day he showed his hands to me. His fingers are injured. He told me that Chaplin beat him well!" '

This interview shocked me. I can't believe that Chaplin is a sadist. Can you...?

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