Thursday, December 24, 2009


Every month have a history for their names. Here is our 12 months and how they got their names...

The names of the months in English come from latin words.

January(januarius) - This month was dedicated to janus,the Roman god of doors. Janus had two faces,one looking back at the old year and the other looking forward to the new year.

February(Februarius)- Februa was the Roman purification festival,which took place at this time of year.

March(Martius)- From 'Mars',the Roman god of war.

April(Aprilis)- From 'aperire', Latin for open,because plants begin to open during this month.

May(Maius)- probably comes from 'Maia',the Roman goddess of growth and increase.

June(Junius)- either from a Roman family name junius,which means young,or perhaps after the goddess juno.

July(julius)- after Julius caeser. This month was named in caeser's honour by Mark Antony in 44 BC. Previously this month was called Quintilis from the word quintus,five,as it was the fifth month in the Roman calender.

August(Augustus)-Named in 8 BC in honour of Emperor Augustus.

September- from 'septem',seven,because it was the seventh month in the Roman Calender.

October- from 'octo' which means eight(as in octopus,which has eight legs), the eighth month in the Roman calender.

November- from 'novem' which means nine, the ninth month in the Roman calender.

December- from 'decem' which means ten,the tenth month in the Roman calender.

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