Friday, December 18, 2009


I told you man, i don't like commercial cinemas. But accidently i went to vijay's 'VETTAIKKARAN' and got a heavy headache. Some persons can't change their taste forever.I think vijay is that kind of person. Eventhough he suffered a lot in his previous flops 'AZHAGIYA TAMIL MAGAN' and 'VILLU' he didn't change his way of Film selection.Again he selected a fucking story and presented an awful performance. I thing he is still in the hangover of 'GILLI'. He can surely change, if he wants. Otherwise audience will change and avoid him forever! Once am a vijay fan. I sticked his posters in my room and worshipped him as god. But his film 'PUTHIYA GEETHAI' changed my mind forever. Now am not the fan of anybody. I will surely enjoy good movie if it don't have any big stars. You can take the example of 'KATHAL' . There is no big stars in that film. But yet it is memorable. We can't remember the films like 'VETTAIKKARAN'. Because we are not shit eaters! May god help vijay in his next film and give him some sense.


  1. good work praja at last ur on the correct track

  2. You think he's going to change praja.. he will not.. he is eating fans money.. thats all and the way he has brought his son into the song(din see just heard it).. he is floating in false praises... he will come down one day but still some people will never chsnge.. but people as a whole will have to change their selection of movies that they watch..and by the way i am a great fan of Charu.. Love him like God..

  3. very good comment praja