Friday, December 18, 2009


My dear quantin tarantino,
am your fucking fan! I like all of your are the only reason for the spread of post modern cinema in know one think tarantino....nowadays am liberally using the word 'FUCK' somany times because of you! Your dialogues made a big impact on me.It is very hard to hear a single dialogue without 'fuck' in your movies.I like your style man....It is fucking beautiful! How can i forget your 'PULP FICTION'.There is no other movies which have the narration style of 'pulp fiction' before.You have created a non linear style of narration which is very impressive and interesting.Congratulations for the present success of your fuckin' fantastic film 'INGLORIOUSE BASTERDS'...! That movie is amazing man.i like the style of brad pitt and the guy who acted as jew hunter.Sorry tarantino i forget that guy's name,but am going to check in IMDB soon.I don't know why am forgetting the names of somany actors.but I have a great memory for the names of heroines,especially i can't forget the chicks like Jennifer lopez and Catherine-zeta-jones.It is fuckin' funny i really loved your 'DEATH PROOF'.Kurt russel is fantastic in the role of Stunt man mike and the violent scenes,especially that accident sequal is mindblowing! How is your friend Robert Rodrigues man? is he fine? how is his sin city2 is going? know one thing,in our taml industry there are somany directors who copied your style in a boring way.There is a film called 'NEPALI' in tamil.the director of that film copied your making style of sin city and death proof.It is very boring actually.if you have time watch 'NEPALI' and understand that how we copied you in a fucking way.There is a director called sanjay guptha in hindi.His only job is watch your films and copy it in hindi in a very bad manner.His movie 'KANTE' is the copy of your celebrated movie 'RESERVOIR DOGS'! Man am jelouse of you, you guys have originality.Eventhough we Idians have so many stories and myths our only duty is copying foreign films.I thing it spread as a national disease. Anyway all the best man.....................!


  1. "christop waltz" the name of jew hunter.He has been awarded as best actor on cannes film festival. I was stunned by his performance.I came to know about you by charu. Hollywood has blackened the europian film industry by its publicity.These lines was written by charu on one of his book.I realize that after watching Inglorious..
    just want to share .sorry if i had wasted your time.

  2. thanks for remind me the name ram....your comment is valuable for me...