Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here is one important information from the book 'SEDUCTION' by caroline cox- 'Pink was the key shade of the decade,used to color fashion,interiors,cars,refrigerators,and the fantasy 1950's boudoir,which was all leopard-skin throws and powder puff pink-a place to drink champagne from a stiletto heel wearing a Baby Doll nightie with matching puff panties, as popularized by Carol Baker in the 1956 film 'Baby Doll'. Pink was the color of seduction,a color associated with femininity since the beginning of the twentieth century,when it became the norm to dress baby boys in blue and girls in pink. By the 1950's, the gendering of the colour was complete, with a variety of shades available such as fuchsia, shocking, rose,and salmon. Pink was also the colour of sensuality,evoking naked flesh,and had been since the eighteenth century. By using pink in the 1950s for their interiors,fashion,and lingerie,women were making an important link with the high femininity of the past,evoking the boudiors of the great French mistresses,in particular Madame de Pompadour and the court of versailles. Rococco motifs crept into the 1950s bedroom ,with the use of white and gilt on dressing tables and boudoir chairs,and the revival of the chandelier as a leitmotif of Hollywood glamour, as Sparke reflects: "Re-emerging in the 1950s interior on the surfaces of radios and refrigerators,these evocative colours recalled the feminine taste,craftsmanship and luxury that were part of that historical moment,reconforming in the process the essential femininity of the domestic sphere.'

So pink is the colour of sexuality in 1950s. See colours have its own importance in history!

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