Thursday, December 17, 2009

when death failed.....

this week's 'anantha vikatan(23.12.09)'contains the short story of Thamira ,named as 'dhatshanin 26-vathu maranan'{dhakshan's 26th death}.its an intresting story and presented in a non linear way.This is the story of dhakshinamoorthy,the man who failed in his previous sucide attempts.He is sitting in a pizza corner and writing a sucide letter which have 26 pages and short poem about death.this story humourly tells us the previous sucide attempts of dhakshan and how he failed each time.he tried to die in 25 times and failed he is waiting for a berger and planned to mix the sayanide in it.the main reason for his decisionis he dont want to live,thats it.I think he had 'sucide syndrome'.but it is not described anywhere in the last death appear in front of dakshan in the form of a teenage boy and told him that he failed in front of dhakshan! Do you want to read the sucide poem of dhakshan? here it is................. 'Maranam miga azhaganathu. nan maranathai nesikkiren. neengal maranathai kelvi ketkatheergal .maranam ennai mounamakkum. neengal en meethu aalumai seluthuveergal .maranam ennai aravanaikkum .ungal kaigalil enakkethirana aayuthangal. maranathin kaikalil enakkana karunai. ungalaippol maranam ennai achuruthuvathillai. ennai santhegippathillai. ennai kanneer sintha vaipathillai .aagave,nan maranathai nesikkiren. maranathai thavira verethuvum ungalidamirunthu ennai kappatrathu. aagave,nan maranathai nesikkiren! '