Thursday, December 17, 2009

sidney sheldon the great....!

when my friend krishna introduced me to sidney sheldon books,i felt that its a normal pulp fiction.but when i read him i understood that he is more than a pulp writer.Eventhough his works are simply regarded as thriller,there is a beautiful mixture of human element in it.his novel 'tell me your dreams' is the story of a girl who is affected by multiple personality disorder.this story is as same as shankar's anniyan! but am not saying that shankar copied the entire story,i think he just took the inspiration or it might be the idea of writer sujatha,the fasion designer of tamil literature.anyway the book is more than anniyan in its way of narration.My friend krishna is a biggest fan of sidney sheldon.he finished his entire boks in few weeks.when he told this to me,i exclaimed and asked that " did you read his entire work in few weeks...for me his one book took one month...!" krishna smiled and replied that "for me sidney sheldon is an addiction...if you read the first page of his novel,you can't put it down without finish it!".I cant forget a golden words from his book 'other side of me',"life is like a novel filled with dont know what's going to happen untill you turn the page!". krishna's words are true sidney sheldon is an addiction,which will last forever....!

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