Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday I saw the film '3 IDIOTS'. It's good and worth watching for the people who did not read the book 'FIVE POINT SOMETHING' by Chethan Bagath. The book is more hilarious than the movie. Chethan's book criticizing IIT college bravely. If u read that book you can find out how beautifully he narrate the story. But this film is lack of both criticizm and narration. It is only a humour film which have 10 percentage emotion and 90 percentage commercial masala!. But interval block and climax reminds us that this film is from the same director who gave us 'MUNNABHAI MBBS'! Raj kumar Hirani did his level best in characterisation. Ranchu's character and that 'virus' professor characters are examples. Anyway it is interesting. If you have money Watch this film in sathyam theatre. Otherwise download it and watch! Anyway watch it bayya... ALL IS WELL! (WARNING: movie downloading is illegal)

PS: Do you want to know who is the fourth idiot is?

No doubt... its me dude....! This is just a thumb size movie review from a view of an idiot..!

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